Tessel Air

Tessel Air is texel’s airline

Tessel Air’s and Paracentrum Texel’s histories are very much intertwined. The companies were founded around the same time, share facilities and belong to the same owner.

Although both companies have seen impressive growth over the years they managed to retain their informal atmosphere.

Tessel air is truly The Netherlands’ most family oriented flight operator.

scenic flights over texel

Many children and adults took to the skies for the very first time with Tessel Air.

Seen from above the magnificent beauty of our Island, situated between the World Heritage Waddensea and the Northsea, is even more pronounced. When we fly we can see the entire island!

With sightseeing tours of 45 minutes and 60 minutes we’re able to visit the enormous seal colonies between the islands of Vlieland and Terschelling. A breathtaking experience.

In consultation with the pilot is’t usually possible to fly over where you’re staying on the island.

During your 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute aerial sightseeing tour you’ll recognise routes that you’ve visited before and you’ll discover new places to visit when back on terra firma.

The view from above literally gives you a whole new perspective. It’s an experience not to be missed.

During your flight your pilot will point out the various highlights and will explain what you’re viewing from above.

The iconic lighthouse, the various villages, the old harbour in Oudeschild, etcetera.

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Our scenic sightseeing airplane fleet consists of four airplanes. Two of the airplanes can accommodate 3 passengers and the other two airplanes 5 seats available for passengers.

intro to flight lessons

During the Special Sightseeing flights we start out with a short ‘groundschool’ section where we go over some basic flight theory.

Then it’s on to bring into practice what you’ve just learned. Under the expert guidance of one of our pilots you then get to fly the airplane yourself!

The theory handles the basics of operating an airplane in flight. How the airplane orientation over 3 axis can be manipulated using the yoke.

During the 40 and 60 -minute flights we also address using the pedals with your feet and managing the engine power (RPM).

For a small additional charge you can bring up to two passengers to fly along and experience Texel from the air.

Taking part in a Special Sightseeing Flight is the ideal way to experience what flightschool is all about!

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